Sunday, 26 June 2011

I found a bit of time this morning to make several new earrings and realized that I'm getting run out of beads .... need to go shoping soon!

The first earrings are sweet and little, made from yellow and green painted glass beads

These are little as well and very elegant. Made from black cube beads and silver plated ball beads
Next two pairs are simple but very beautiful, made from crackle glass beads (black and blue, black and purple)

Next are mixture of pearl shell and glass beads

and a bit more pearl shell beads - really like them!

And last few, made a couple of days ago

Thursday, 23 June 2011

I was a bit busy in last few days. But finally managed to take some pictures of my freshly made earrings :)

I'll start from earrings which I made using pearl shell beads.

These are quite big but light as a feather. I love the circular pattern

These have a beautiful crack looking texture

And a bit smaller

and a bit of painted glass

And....something totally different - my first bread  :) by the way really yummy :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

I'm back from Manchester and ready to show you few more earings and this time sets as well :)

This is a very delicate and beautiful set. I used purple/black crackle glass beads, ear wire hooks are silver plated.

For this one, i used mainly white and black pearls, black rose shaped beads, the one in the middle is black and white striped bead which I used to make earrings as well.

This set is very elegant,  perfect for smart dress

Next sets/earrings are ideal for summer dresses. They are full of beautiful juicy colour beads

And a couple of beautiful wooden earrings

and few more earrings, perfect for summer!

time for FIMO :)
the earrings are so beautiful and unusual!!! i love them

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Luckily my laptop survived a virus attack (hurray!!!) and after a couple of formats is happy again :)
I've just installed a program to get pictures from my camera so I can show you few more earrings, which I made last week. It's really annoying that I can't just copy the pictures from the camera without any program-which is rubbish anyway...

I realy like this ones, they are delicate and beautiful. I made them from crackle glass beads, which are purple and black. The squere bead is silver plated as well as ear wire hooks.

The beads are quite unusual. They are about 2.7cm Ø. They are white with loads of purple and black blots which make them really lovely

And the last picture for today as I need to pack up some stuff for tomorrow. I'm going on a course to Manchester for 2 days to hopefully learn some new bioinformatic things.....

These are beautiful lampwork peppers which are 3.5cm long