Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Luckily my laptop survived a virus attack (hurray!!!) and after a couple of formats is happy again :)
I've just installed a program to get pictures from my camera so I can show you few more earrings, which I made last week. It's really annoying that I can't just copy the pictures from the camera without any program-which is rubbish anyway...

I realy like this ones, they are delicate and beautiful. I made them from crackle glass beads, which are purple and black. The squere bead is silver plated as well as ear wire hooks.

The beads are quite unusual. They are about 2.7cm Ø. They are white with loads of purple and black blots which make them really lovely

And the last picture for today as I need to pack up some stuff for tomorrow. I'm going on a course to Manchester for 2 days to hopefully learn some new bioinformatic things.....

These are beautiful lampwork peppers which are 3.5cm long

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