Wednesday, 3 August 2011

That's what I was making for the last week or actually almost two....
It takes me ages and doesn't get any easier or quicker but I like the result :)
That's a birthday present for my friend, hope she likes it

I couldn't decide which picture I like most so added all three :)

And something a little bit smaller. I'm still thinking about making a matching necklace but I bought so many coulours of pearl cotton threads that I would like to use all the colours at same time :) so probably my next neckace will be very colourful


  1. świetne!!!:)
    dziękuję za udział w moim CANDY! pozdrawiam.:)

  2. Przepiękny komplet. Zawsze zastanawiam się co jest w środku, że te szydełkowe formy tak ładnie trzymają kształt :)

    Dziękuję za udział w moim candy i pozdrawiam!


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