Saturday, 22 October 2011

day out :)

Today something totally different :) I was crazy busy at work last week - about 11hrs every day + taking paperwork didn't have time to make any jewellery or cards :( so got nothing to show you this time, I'm afraid :(
but I've got something instead - would like to show you some pictures I took today. It's such a sunny day today and I managed to get my husband out of the computer, what is never easy to do... but I did it :D
I was looking for a nice place to go for a walk near Bristol and I found  we've got quite close the largest and oldest tree collections in the world :) so loads of masive and unusual trees and some proper autumn colours plus amazing magnolias and rhododendrons. I don't remember the name of one of the trees but when you rub the leaf gently it smells like a pineapple!


  1. WOW!!! You take such gorgeous pictures...what a beautiful place to take a walk!!!!

  2. Ale ładnie, nastepnym razem koniecznie tam musimy pojsc z Ilim :) Agnieszka

  3. PIĘKNIE!!! Cudne te drzewa...i nawet widziałaś na własne oczy wielką stopę:D:D:D ...wielu o tym marzy a i tak im nie dane;p

  4. Przepiękna roślinność i przepiękne zdjęcia...pozdrawiam:)

  5. ...pięknie podpatrujesz przyrodę, czasami też zaopatrzona w obiektyw udaję się na takie łowy...pozdrawiam i zapraszam na Candy...:)


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