Sunday, 30 October 2011

I made this necklace few days ago but couldn't take a picture of it :(
When I go to work it's still dark and when I come back it's already dark  grrr and my camera is not great with an artificial light...
I really miss summer and long days. This part of the year just makes me feel tired and sleepy ....
I don't go out so often cos it rains all the time .....
on the other hand
have more time for my crochet etc :)


  1. For such beautiful things I can wait till weekend :)

  2. UUuuuu, piękne!!!!
    I szacuneczek, że wciąż tworzysz i masz do tego zapał! Piękne te korale,szkoda,że mieszkasz za daleko, żebym Ci je mogła czasem podkraśc:D;p

    ...nie wiem jak z tego wybrniesz ale Czarek chce coś szydełkowanego;p;p;p i pokaż DYNIE!!!!!:)

  3. hahaha to mu powiedz, ze jak chce to moze dostac korale ;p co do dyni to jakos tak chyba mi sie odechcialo dlubania i w tym roku nie bedzie :/

  4. Bardzo mi się podoba. Faktura, kolory mmm

  5. wow this is stunning!!!!!!! love the color combo too. Thanks so much for becoming my 2,000.00 follower. I would love to send you a card if I can get your address.
    Thanks ,Kathy

  6. Kathy,
    Thank you very much, that's so kind! I'm really surprised, I didn't expect that!


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